Yodeling Superstar to Host Oktoberfest Northwest
October 1, 2015 by Maddie Rish
Manuela Horn Oktoberfest Northwest

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Some call her the Austrian Amazon; some know her as the Queen of Oktoberfest. Whatever the nickname, one thing remains true – Manuela Horn is an acting, dancing, yodeling, and comedic force of nature.

Oktoberfest NW Manuela Horn

After rising to fame through her 2009 appearance in America’s Got Talent, this 6’2 cabaret star began emceeing and headlining some of the rowdiest Oktoberfest celebrations nationwide. On October 9-11, she’s hosting the 11th Annual Oktoberfest Northwest at the Washington State Fair Events Center, where she and her Oktoberlesques will wow the crowd with yodeling interpretations of top hits. Everfest had a chance to ask the Austrian legend some questions about how she came to be such a staple in the Oktoberfest world. Check it out!

Where did you learn to yodel?

My father taught me when I was 12 years old. Since we are from Austria and lived in Germany, we took every chance to go home and be with our family. Back in the day there were no tunnels and we had to drive up the mountains and down the mountains to get home. I will never forget the day I learned to yodel because I was trapped in a 14-hour trip and I was so bored! So my dad decided to use that time to teach me to yodel. The ‘yodel’ bug bit me and ever since then I have enjoyed doing it!

How did you come to be the Queen of Oktoberfest?

It all started five years ago when I answered a Craigslist ad, that said Oktoberfest Northwest was looking for a swing girl. That sounded like fun to me and I introduced myself and got the job! Very fast, I realized that I found my performing home and offered to host and sing at Oktoberfest Northwest as well. We were a match made in heaven and I was hired to headline the next year. The word got around that my Oktoberfest Northwest show was unique, interactive and super fun! This led to opportunities to share my show at other Oktoberfest related events. People then started giving me the title and calling me the “Oktoberfest Queen”. When you come to my show, you will see me yodel to Top 40 Hits and hear funny new versions of hits that I rewrote into drinking party songs. For example, ‘Walking on Sunshine’ is ‘Sipping on Beer Foam’, ‘I Wanna Hold Your Hand’ from The Beatles is ‘I Wanna Drink Your Beer’, ‘Poker Face’ is ‘Polka Phase’ and so on….I guess you could also call me the “Weird Al Yankovic” of Oktoberfest!

What’s your favorite part about hosting Oktoberfest Northwest?

Everybody shows up with a smile on their face at Oktoberfest Northwest and is ready to have a good time. It is a wonderful community, who knows to let loose and have some fun. Now that we have been part of Oktoberfest Northwest for a while, it feels like going to a family reunion. I know many faces and I catch up with them while eating a good brat and enjoying some good German beer!

What has been the most memorable performance experience of your professional career thus far?

I would say my “America’s Got Talent” appearance in 2009. I made David Hasselhoff drool and made it to the semi-finals. That was a wild roller coaster ride and something to be told to my grandkids one day.

So, what’s the Queen of Oktoberfest’s beer of choice?

I LOOOOOVE the Paulaner Oktoberfest beer! Other than that, I honestly enjoy any German Lager!